Gennargentu, where the golden eagle nest

Gennargentu, where the golden eagle nest

The National Park of Gennargentu and of the Orosei Gulf include some of the wildest and most fascinating mountain and marine areas of Sardinia. In Supramonte you can go for a walk for kilometers through ancient and thick forests, often crossed by deep gullies. The water has dug thousands of caves and caverns of different extents, which are very interesting.

Numerous are the animal and vegetable species that live in this park: from the mouflon to the Sardinian deer, from the wild boar to the Sardinian fox, from the golden eagle to the queen falcon and other predatory species, which here have found the ideal habitat to nest.

Evergreen oaks, durmast-oaks, juniper trees and minor maples are only some of the most common plants, but many are even the endemic species of high natural interest. It is not by accident, that these areas (like many other zones of Sardinia) are the destination of biologists, students and researchers of the biochemical industry.


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