Malloreddus alla Campidanese – Typical Sardinian Pasta Dish

Malloreddus alla Campidanese – piatto tipico della Sardegna meridionale<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

One of the great things in Sardinia is certainly food! Yes, local, tasty, genuine food!
Ingredients are one of the secrets for such pleasurable Sardinian experience.

This plate can conquer all palates, my friend Maria from Argentina says this is the best food she has tasted in Sardinia, and although she does not love much cooking, this recipe, she said, must be hers!

I’m pretty sure she’s going to make a great dinner for her friends, as it is quite easy to make.

Alla campidanese refers to the sauce. It means tomatoes sauce as it is made in Campidano, the south area of Sardinia. This one traditional sardinian recipe, tastes so delicious also thanks to its local typical ingredients.

Starting with the kind of pasta itself Malloreddus. It is a kind of smaller Gnocchi, made of semolina flour, appreciated all over the island. Though it may have a different name according to the area it is made.

It may be prepared in several different ways, often it has a yellowish colour due to the ingredient that characterized also its unique taste: Saffron.

Sardinian saffron, Zafferano di Sardegna, is a PDO product, in fact, the island is the most important producer, of this extremely delicate and expensive spice, in the whole of Italy.

The other basic, not less important, ingredients are: a typical sardinian fresh sausage seasoned with anise or fennel seeds, Pecorino cheese and peeled tomatoes sauce.

The Malloreddus alla Campidanese dish seems designed to enjoy a red full-bodied wine, as for instance, a delicious sardinian one like Carignano del Sulcis. His tannin acid component blends perfectly with the fat component present in the sausages and cheese, or drying up a bit the mouth to receive the saucy tomatoes.
A bit of a technical explanation, but you’ll see, it’s a perfect combination!
There’s a choice of a few different ones, all of great quality and various price range.

So, summing up, let’s say we want to prepare a rich portion of Malloreddus for four people, the ingredients are:

400 gr of Malloreddus pasta (made in Sardinia, believe me, makes a lot of difference)

400 gr peeled tomatoes (chopped or not, as you prefer, in any case the sauce should cook so long it will melt easily anyway)

1 small onion (finely chopped)

300 gr of fresh sausages (if you may find it with the anise or fennel seeds
, is the ideal, otherwise you can make it yourself by buying the minced meat and adding them)

1 sachet of saffron ( usually weights 0.25 gr, if you love this flavour, may use two!)

100 gr Pecorino cheese (possibly sardinian)

3 table spoons of olive oil


As a first thing we make the sauce.

Heat the olive oil and fry gently the onion in it.
Then add the sausage, and break some of it with a wooden spoon, continue to fry on medium heat until it takes a light brownish colour, around 15/20 minutes.
Add the peeled tomatoes, pinch of salt, add the saffron and mix everything very well until the saffron melts and blends.
Bring the heat on low and let go for about an hour, mixing now and then.
You could add a pinch of sugar to take away the acidity of the tomatoes.
When the sauce is ready, boil the water for the Malloreddus pasta.
Now the pasta is cooked, drain it and put the pasta in the tomato sauce pan.
Heat on high and stir for a few seconds.
Serve on plate and add Pecorino cheese as you like it. (A lot is advisable)

Your dish is ready! Pour the Carignano del Sulcis on glass, take a sip and…cheers, enjoy your creation!