Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Sardinia, with its white sand beaches, crystal clear sea, breathtaking nature, vast cultural repertoire, climate and traditions is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean.

Today, we are taking you on a tour in an alternative Sardinia to discover the emerald sea that embraces this land. We’ll discover together new places traveling through the various spots in which you can practice kitesurfing in Sardinia.

The spots where you can practice kitesurf are often characterised by wild landscapes and pristine nature. In Sardinia you can also find all the comforts for an unforgetable holiday by the sea.

Sardinia, with its almost 2000 km of coastline, is the ideal place for kitesurfing, which in fact is becoming very popular. Thanks to its geographical location, Sardinia is constantly beaten by the mistral and sirocco winds. It is not a coincidence that Sardinia is the favourite European destination for surfers.

You can practice windsurfing and kitesurfing in many beaches in southern Sardinia and some of them are recognized as a “perfect spots”. There are many spots to discover, known by few adventurers, especially on the north and east. Let’s try to give a shot of the most famous ones.

Porto Pollo, between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Palau. Here, in addition to enjoying this wonderful sport you can also find some of the most famous schools of the island where to start or improve your technique. Also, on this coast, you can find Isola Rossa. In this location you can surf on the left side of the beach where the mistral winds and the west wind enter.

And then, La Cinta (San Teodoro), Pittulongu (Olbia), Marina delle Rose in Santa Teresa di Gallura and Liscia di Vacca (Arzachena).

Kitesufing - La Cinta Beach

Kitesufing – La Cinta Beach

Although many beaches are suitable for kitesurfing in Sardinia, the South of the island, considering the particular conditions of wind, the landscape and the sea bottom, is particularly recognized as “perfect spot” for kitesurfing in Sardinia.

One the favourite and best known spot is the Poetto beach on the Gulf of Cagliari, where the Kiteboard World Championship was held. Mistral, Sirocco and Levant hit this beach and those who love this sport will have all the space since it stretches for 8 km.

Going to the South of Sardinia we must mention the wonderful Chia and Santa Margherita di Pula. Thanks to its large exposure the Grecale winds gives discrete waves to ride. Porto Botte, in the Southwestern Coast of Sardinia is a 2 km-wide bay with sandy beach and sandy bottom, generally uncrowded. This place is ideal for both new riders, which can drift quietly and return to base walking along the beach, and the more experienced ones, benefiting from ample space for their operations.

In the area of Iglesias, called Sulcis, we can find Sant’Antioco and its several kitesurfing spots. Two of these are the famous beaches of Spiaggia Grande and Coaquaddus. The choice is wide, the wind is present almost throughout the year, and the white sand beaches await for you with its crystal clear waters.